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Electric motorcycle manufacturer

  • 20/05/2024

One of the largest manufacturers of electric motorcycles in Europe has hired ACCODE to value all of its intellectual property. The brands and patents stand out, although the bulk of the work has been concentrated on evaluating the designs of the 4 mo...

Largest theme park in the Mediterranean

  • 14/04/2024

The largest theme park in the Mediterranean has hired ACCODE to calculate replacement values ​​and analyze the remaining useful lives of all its assets. This analysis has been carried out based solely on technical criteria, regardless of accounting a...

Fiberglass manufacturer: asset valuation

  • 22/02/2023

The world's largest producer of fiberglass has carried out a corporate operation in its French subsidiary through which it has segregated the main production unit in Europe located at the foot of the Alps. As in any corporate spin-off operation,...

Pet food: asset valuation

  • 15/01/2023

The most innovative pet food producer in Europe has hired ACCODE for the valuation of its industrial assets for a corporate operation that will allow it to increase its presence internationally, as well as take the opportunity to update the values fo...

Ice maker: asset valuation

  • 20/02/2022

The largest ice manufacturer in Europe has hired ACCODE for the valuation of the industrial assets of its 6 European plants with the triple objective of updating the financial statements, checking the insured values and analyzing the possibility of c...

Public works machinery: asset valuation

  • 03/01/2022

One of the most important civil engineering construction companies commissions ACCODE to evaluate its entire fleet of machinery for a financial sale and lease back operation . Our client has an extensive fleet of machinery highly focused on public ro...

Cogeneration plants: assessment

  • 10/05/2021

Important renewable energy operator hires ACCODE to evaluate two cogeneration plants with a view to their possible acquisition. The analysis includes both the valuation of the assets that make up the plants and the valuation of the plants as business...

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